Abbeydale - Moonshine

Abbeydale - Moonshine
Brewed byAbbeydale (Sheffield, South Yorkshire)
ABV4.3 %
Tasting notesGolden colour with a white head. Aroma is light citrus. Taste is light sweet and grainy.


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Brewed ByBeerABV (%)Tasting Notes
Bank TopGold Digger4Golden beer with citrus aroma and a touch of spiciness.
Big BogBlonde Bach3.9The ultimate Hop Heads beer with a secret blend of no less than 7 different hop varieties.† Intense citrus notes and its incredibly pale colour makes this a truly unique ale.
Black SheepMonty Pythonís Life of Brian3.9Brian is a very naughty Pale Ale!
CalvorsSmooth Hoperator4Smooth Hoperator is an American style Pale Ale. It is brewed with four different East Anglian malts, giving a rich golden colour and background sweetness.
Deva5684Single hop "cascade" pale fruity and floral session beer. A "Pint" by any other name!
EllandWhite Prussian3.9A pale golden ale with lemon citrus notes and a bittersweet finish.
Fyne AlesJarl3.8A full-on citrus experience. Light and golden, a perfect ale for whiling away the hours on a sunny day or a cold evening in Atherton.
HogarthsEnraged Musician4.2Golden beer with mix of British and Yakima valley hops and golden syrup!
Hop BackSummer Lightning5A welcomed return of this terrific straw-coloured beer with a fresh, hoppy aroma and a well rounded, malty flavour with an intense bitterness which leads to an excellent long, dry finish.
Howard TownWrenís Nest4.2A light hoppy beer, made with Halcyon and Crystal malts, and Pioneer and Cascade hops.
Irwell WorksCosta Del Salford4.1Golden colour, fruity and slight pine and citrus hop aroma.
Martland MillBombers Blonde4.4A pale blonde ale with an intense hoppy aroma and a crisp refreshing citrus taste, leading to a slightly dry finish.
Martland MillSpinnerís Gold3.8An enjoyable, easily quaffable golden ale. Created with a well balanced hoppiness, a pleasant citrus taste with a hint of spiciness.
MoorhousesBlonde Witch4.5Light ale with a fasting fruity finish.
MoorhousesStray Dog4.2Brewed in conjunction with Manchester band New Order, it's a refreshing and clean-tasting golden ale with hints of citrus fruit and lychee.
Peakstones RockNemesis3.8A light coloured quaffing ale.
Pied BullSitting Bull5A HopHead Tasty tropical fruit sensation. Very suppable.
SalopianOrbital3.9A crisp refreshing pale bittersweet brew.
StockportBitter Lemon4.2A straw coloured hoppy beer with a bitter lemon finish.
StonehengeDanish Dynamite5A light golden, dry, and strong ale. Slightly fruity with a well balanced hop flavour and bitterness. Simply a top class beer which has won several major beer festivals.
Tiny RebelJuicy4.8A Tropical Golden Ale. Ever had a beer thatís so good it reminds you of when you were a kid? Of the wonder of the sweet shop, surrounded by a seemingly endless choice of delicious confections?
Triple FFFMoondance4.2Amber coloured, very well hopped with a balanced bitterness.


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