Wily Fox - Dark Flagon

Wily Fox - Dark Flagon
Brewed byWily Fox (Wigan, Greater Manchester)
ABV4.4 %
Tasting notesOne for you sea shanty lovers. A traditional porter made from a blend of maris otter chocolate and crytal malts. Muscovado sugar and molasses are then added to prove a rum finish to the rich coffee and dark chocolate base. Non bearded pirates are also allowed to quaff this ale!


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Purple MooseDark Side Of The Moose / Ochr Dywyll Y Mws4.6Returning again for another year after last years success. Using a delicate blend of dark crystal malt, roasted barley and Bramling Cross hops, the 'Dark Side' exhibits a rich malty flavour balanced with fruity bitterness.


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