Mallinsons - Jester Mosaic

Mallinsons - Jester Mosaic
Brewed byMallinsons (Huddersfield, West Yorkshire)
ABV3.8 %
Tasting notesA new beer by the masters at Mallinsons, a very pale blonde dual hopped session ale with aromas of grape and soft fruits from the late hopping with Jester, Use of Hallertau Blanc hops in the early stages of the brew gives a great bitterness with notes of tart gooseberry.


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MoorhousesMoonbeam4.3Award winning session IPA, designed for optimum flavour and aroma. Heaps of mosaic and citra hops to bring intense flavours of tropical fruits, lychee and orchard stone fruits rounded with a bitter finish.
North RidingUS Session Pale3.8North Riding have done several US Session pales, this one in particular is using Azacca and El Dorado hops which gives you a collection of mango and pineapple but with a resinous back note.
Rat (Osset)Posh Rat4.5You know White rat, let us introduce you to its upmarket counterpart. A golden hoppy ale with floral notes, make sure your pinky finger is a loft when quaffing this one.
ShinyLil Wingman4.5Glowing hazy yellow malt base. Soft and thick hopped with citra and nelson sauvin. Zesty citrus pineapple paired with tropical white wine and peach-like aroma and flavour.
Founders (Spain)Founders Todo El Dia Session IPA4.7The Spanish version of Founders' All Day IPA - Todo el Dia IPA. There are some tropical fruits and a little bitterness with an underlying citrus'y character. Nice!


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