Rivington - Moving South

Rivington - Moving South
Brewed byRivington (Anderton, Lancashire)
ABV4.2 %
Tasting notesRivingtons NZ pale, expect everything a New Zealand pale should have, the grapefruit taste, bitter tones. Fantastic!


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Brewed ByBeerABV (%)Tasting Notes
Froth BlowersJolly Brewer4.3Waimea and Pacific Gem hops gives this NZ pale ale particular attraction. Use of pale malts gives a little colour to add another level of complexion.
HophurstHogamadog4A NZ pale full of tropical fruit, pine and citrus flavours. A 4% sessionable ale, great for those who want lots of character within there glass.
State of KindRabbit Rocks6.6A New Zealand IPA with a bucket load of hops. Super Hazy, Super juicy and down right delicious.


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