St. Bernardus Brouwerij - St. Bernardus Extra 4

St. Bernardus Brouwerij - St. Bernardus Extra 4
Brewed bySt. Bernardus Brouwerij (Watou, West Flanders)
ABV4.8 %
Tasting notesClassic Belgian single style ale. Full of flavour with well balanced hops and bittness.
Master tasting notes and other info
Extra 4 is a classic Belgian “Single” style, light golden in colour, full of flavor and character and brewed with more hops and bitterness in comparison to the other well known St Bernardus abbey ales. Extra 4 is warm fermented and bottled conditioned with an ABV of 4.8%. Extra 4 is a unique, tasty and refreshing spring and summer quencher.


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