Burning Sky - Big Picture

Burning Sky - Big Picture
Brewed byBurning Sky (Firle, East Sussex)
ABV6 %
Tasting notesA soft IPA loaded with Citra and Nosaic hops. Excessively sauve and fruity, with full citrus aromas and notes of apricots and peaches.


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AllendaleWanderlust6.5A west coast style IPA. Expect the typical profile of a WCIPA - bitter, fruity, piney, beautifully crafted.
Rat (Osset)King Rat5A beer that is all about the hops! The Nelson Sauvin variety from New Zealand give a unique "white wine" aroma. Bitterness is high but balance with the residual malty sweetness.
ShinyDisco Balls5.7The bash is destined for plenty of Shiny Disco Balls with the entertainment we have for you. A gluten free IPA made with malted barley, wheat hops, more hops and yeast.

Gluten Free


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