Olde Swan - Entire

Olde Swan - Entire
Brewed byOlde Swan (Dudley, West Midlands)
ABV4.4 %
Tasting notesA traditional Black Country bitter.


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Brewed ByBeerABV (%)Tasting Notes
Bank TopPavillion Pale Ale4.5A yellow beer with fruity flavour and peppery hoppiness.
BathamsBest Bitter4.3A traditional Black Country bitter.
ExmoorExmoor Gold4.5"Nectar of the Gods" this BBBB classic won't last long!
HogarthsThe Bruiser4A traditional session bitter with strong malt character backed up with hop bitterness.
Liverpool Organic24 Carat Gold4.1Generously hopped with a bitterness that builds steadily towards a lingering finish with spicy orangey notes.
ManningCave-Man4.2An extremely well balanced bitter with a refreshing hop character. A light caramel colour and bitter crisp finish a unique ’no nonsense’ ale.
Pied BullPied Eyed4A good balanced session bitter with a good malty foretaste and a pleasant hoppy aftertaste.
ProspectWhatever Next4.5A pale fruity session ale with a well balanced malty finish. Very quaffable!
Timothy TaylorLandlord4.3Madonna's favourite Yorkshire bitter won't last long at BBBB. Try this world class fruity ale while you can!


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