Oakham - Bishops Farewell

Oakham - Bishops Farewell
Brewed byOakham (Peterborough, Cambridgeshire)
ABV4.6 %
Tasting notesA golden, smooth, malty background, rich and fruity hop flavours and a refreshing finish.


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Brewed ByBeerABV (%)Tasting Notes
4TísHop Monster3.9This series of beer is to celebrate the wonderful hops out there. Some beers are single hopped, others will consist of a variety to add complexion. Hop Monster is a hop loaded beer to maximise the flavour from the hops, enjoy!
Anarchy Brew Co.Gold Star4.5Tyneside brewers Anarchy with an all-rounder blonde ale, the light sweet malts along with the hoppy bitterness. Worthy of its gold star name.
BlackedgeOregon3.5A session blonde using Citra and Azacca for a body that defines its ABV.
Froth BlowersHornswoggle5Extra Pale malt in large enough quantities to induce an alcoholic euphoria are combined with floral hops to produce a deceptively easily drinkable five-percenter.
Fyne AlesJarl3.8Jarl is Fyne Ales flagship, flavour-forward, single-hop session blonde ale brewed as a showcase of American hop, Citra.
Mobberley BrewhouseSummit4.6Back on the bill after last years success. Hoppy, balanced and fresh, a cracking ale from Mobberley.
MoorhousesSharp Pinz4.2Lemon and Lime overtones combine with palette cleansing freshness, consider this as liquid lemon sorbet!
PhoenixWhite Monk4.5Light, citrus aromas from the hops whilst brewed with crystal hops. This pale ale is a permanent fixture to Phoenix's core list.
Problem ChldBilly No Mates4.1Brewed in Parbold, this fairly local Golden ale is single hopped and unfined with a base of rye and wheat.
Problem ChldHeidrun4.2Super pale, single hopped, unfined beer, to be drank like a Viking.
Purple MooseElderflower Ale / Ysgawen4An extra additon of Welsh ale from Purple moose. Does exactly what it says on the barrel. Cascade hops are used for the aroma with the added induldgence of elderflowers, a superb floral bouquet with a citrus finish.
SalopianHop Twister4.5The palate is fresh, piercing and focused, with soft malt overtones and pronounced citrus flavours. A strong focus of taut, lemony, grapefruit on the finish wich is balanced by a dry bitterness.
Wigan Brewhouse (prev AllGates)California3.8Extremely clean drinking golden ale with zesty, fruity aromas. 3.8% and excellent session drink!
Wigan Brewhouse (prev AllGates)Dry Bones4Refreshing hoppy golden ale with honey tones which gives the perfect balance of bitter and sweet.
Wily FoxKarma Citra4.3A local favourite and multiple award winning ale. A quadruple hit of hops packs the flavour to this golden ale.


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